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My NEW EP is available to pre-order!!!

I'm excited to announce that I've launched the pre-order campaign for my new EP! Those of you who have been supporters in the past know just how valuable pre-orders are to me! These funds help me pay for all of…Read more

Studio Time!

This week we started recording my new EP! Yesterday I tracked scratch vocals and today Efrain Hernandez tracked drums! Everything is sounding great! ?? Pre-orders start soon! Here's a link to a behind-the-scenes video of him recording "Too Much."

We are almost there!!!

This week we are tracking keys, organ, saxophone, and vocals. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is the last week for musicians in the studio, but we may add trumpet next week. We are on track for a mid…Read more

Basic Tracks - DONE!

We've had a blast tracking the rhythm guitar, bass guitar, and drums for the EP this week. Here are some behind the scenes photos:
We head back into the studio tomorrow for some extra guitar and percussion work. Everything is…Read more