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Underneath Your Feet

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Written by Michelle Romary
Arranged, produced, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Michael Seifert
Executive Producer Michelle Romary

Michelle Romary - Vocals
Efrain Hernandez - Drums, Congas, Bongos
Blake Kniola - Bass
Michael Seifert - Piano, Keyboards, Drum Programming

Cleveland, Ohio
©Michelle Romary Music, 2015


I’m so tired, there’s too darn many of you to please.
I am underneath your feet and waiting.
You don’t realize the impact that you leave.
You may die too soon from suffocating.

Ah Ah Ah *Hey, Ah Ah Ah, ah ah ah ah
Ah Ah Ah *Hey, Ah Ah Ah (2x)

Everyday there are more of you to feed,
but the ways you choose are the problem.
Don’t throw away your hope like you’re getting rid of trash.
There is time to figure out an option.

Ah Ah Ah *Hey, Ah Ah Ah, ah ah ah ah
Ah Ah Ah *Hey, Ah Ah Ah (2x)

The oceans will rule, as the light gets brighter and the heat embraces all your hearts.
Look at me, think of me, just a little more often; in fact, make me the forefront of your thoughts.

Deep within I hear the cracking that you made as I crumble beneath all your footsteps.
The beating pattern extends all the length of me.
All around I hear the weeping trees.

Ah Ah Ah *Hey, Ah Ah Ah, ah ah ah ah
Ah Ah Ah *Hey, Ah Ah Ah (2x)