1. Goodbye

From the recording Floating Shift

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Written by Michelle Romary
Arranged, Produced, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Michael Seifert
Executive Producer Michelle Romary

Michelle Romary - Vocals
Efrain Hernandez - Drums
Dave Shaw - Guitars
Michael Seifert - Bass, Keyboards
Tony Koussa Jr. - Wurlitzer, Saxophone

Cleveland, Ohio
©Michelle Romary Music, 2015


i see
that you're not really sure about me
let's go ahead and end this, please
i will never change your mind and you shouldn’t have to try
so hard to agree

and i
really have to wonder why
i always have to give it a try
i need to learn to say no
even when it means goodbye


i'm tired
of the silence that is heavy with dread
of the million questions in my head 
of this air that is tainted with feelings
of skin that i want to shed

open up
what's encasing my heart
it’s compressions seem to mock my art
every single beat is yelling at me
to finish what i start


i see
that you're not really sure about me

i just wanna say goodbye
this is the part
where i finish what i start