New Music Video - behind the scenes at the "Planting Hope" sunflower field in Avon, Ohio

We are putting the finishing touches on the official music video for "Stories In My Mind." Once again I've hired Sector8 Films to shoot and create the video. I chose to film some portions in the Prayers from Maria, "Planting Hope," sunflower field in Avon, Ohio. This field is so beautiful and serves as a reminder that there are children battling glioma brain tumors. It's a place to reflect on lives lost and the ways in which we can help others. The vastness of the field, along with it's symbolism, is quite shocking and overwhelming especially when you are in the thick of it. I chose to film here because many of my new songs focus on battles and feeling overwhelmed, specifically in "Stories In My Mind," I am referring to our battles with pain and depression while attempting to pull ourselves out from under troubling thoughts. My main lyric in the chorus, "You are the hiccup in my good enough," is a reflection of the times that I've wandered through life wearing rose colored glasses and suddenly been struck with a wake-up call, a "hiccup" in my fine, good enough, existence. Whether the hiccup brings us new knowledge, understanding, or a deeper sense of spirituality, it's usually a shock at first even when it's a vital part of life's progression. The hiccup may be marvelous or excruciating, but it plows through our lives regardless.

Please consider donating to where your funds will go toward pediatric glioma research; and visit the website to read in detail about this wonderful foundation based right here in Northeast Ohio.


Meg Quisenberry of Sector8 Films readies the drone!


The drone caused quite a commotion at the sunflower field.

New friends, and they like my song. :)


Selfie with the drone!


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