1. Perfect Timing

From the recording Grounded

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Perfect Timing

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Music & Lyrics by Michelle Romary (BMI)
Arranged by Brent Hamker
Produced by Michelle Romary
Recorded & Mixed by Michael Seifert at Somewhere Recording, Cleveland, Ohio
Mastered by Dan Millice at Engine Room Audio, NYC

Additional Arranging & Producing on “My Light” by Jimmi Chance
Additional Drum & Percussion Arranging by Efraín Hernández
©2018 Michelle Romary, Cleveland, Ohio

Perfect Timing
Performed by Michelle Romary, Vocals
Efraín Hernández - Drums
Brent Hamker - Electric Guitar
Jimmi Chance - Electric Guitar
Matthew DeRubertis - Bass


I hear your laughter inside my hourglass.
Your resonance, reduces it to shards.
The glass is flying, it alway finds me.
It cuts me down.

And I am down, I am down.
You cut me down, you lose me with your perfect timing.

All of me was in, now I'm frozen on the edge of bad thoughts.
They're creeping in now to kill me.
They push me down, now I'm lost.

And I am down, I am down.
You push me down, you lose me with your perfect timing.

Do I exist? Can I still see?
I feel the slaps across my face and I believe.
The sting will fade.

There is blood and so the world takes notice.
It takes a crimson sacrifice, self inflicted for change to happen.
Are our peaceful proceedings irrelevant then?
Arrogance won't stand at attention.
Until it feels threatened by exposure so the louder you scream the more people will hear you.
But if words are just words, then no action attaches, so they float away diffusing in the distance.
Until the shrieking becomes a chilling breeze on the neighboring shore.
They fly away darting in paths of least resistance, longing to cling to free air.

I am down.
I am down, you lost me with your perfect timing.