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My new EP, "Grounded," is almost finished!!! I'm very excited about this batch of songs. This EP features 5 of my new songs, as well as a bonus acoustic version of my new song, "Home."

Your pre-order helps me out tremendously and keeps me from running a full-on Kickstarter/Crowd Fundraising Campaign. Your pre-order will help me fund all of the good things WHILE I'm paying for them, instead of after I'm finished. "Grounded," just like my other EPs, will cost approximately $10,000.00 to create from start to finish. I have employed this pre-order method for my last 2 EPs and it is a WONDERFUL alternative to the other crowd fundraising options out there.

You can pre-order with any monetary amount that you want! I leave the price open-ended because everyone values this music making process differently. I have had pre-orders of $7-$500, and I value EVERY SINGLE DOLLAR! Thank you! Your name will be on my CD art in the inside of the cover, on my EP release posters, AND branded on my heart! :)


By pre-ordering for $7 or more you will receive: 1) a digital download of the album. 2) a .pdf version of the liner notes which will include all of the song lyrics and individual credits for arrangements and the list of studio musicians on each song.

By pre-ordering for $10 or more, you will receive: 1) everything listed above. 2) a signed copy of the physical CD encased in an eco-friendly, 3 panel photo/art layout sleeve, containing the lyrics and credits.

By pre-ordering for $25 or more, you will receive 2 signed copies of the new CD in addition to the digital download and a EP release 11x17” poster (your name will be in the art). :)

If you want more CDs (they make great gifts), please let me know by emailing me your order at!

Thank you in advance for your support of me and my music!

Expected release: February 26, 2018


photo by Christopher Stets

Michelle Romary is a Cleveland based singer, songwriter, and recording artist. She has recently released and self published 2 solo EPs, and is currently working on the 3rd EP, "Grounded," in the 4-part series. Described by Cleveland Scene Magazine as having "...incredible songwriting ability and amazing vocals..." her most recent EP, "Torrent," was released in May 2016 following her solo debut pop/rock EP, "Floating Shift," released on October 16, 2015. Both EPs were written by Michelle, and arranged, recorded, mixed, produced, and mastered by Michael Seifert, a multi-platinum award winning music producer, writer, arranger and recording engineer based in Cleveland, Ohio.
"Influenced and inspired by strong, honest female singer-songwriters like Dolly Parton, Ani DiFranco, Linda Perry and Sara Bareilles, Romary’s music could be similarly  characterized as beautifully honest and sincere." - Danielle Immerman, Cleveland Scene Magazine, May 24, 2016

She is a pop/rock songwriter focusing on her passion for writing meaningful, honest lyrics, and singing a unique melody accompanied by music that touches your soul. She carries her passion and energy with her on stage at every performance, and surrounds herself with an excellent ensemble of talented musicians who make up her 5-piece band. Her televised performances; features in regional & local magazines; airplay on national & local radio shows; podcasts; and hefty live performance schedule of over 100 shows a year continues to contribute to her popularity throughout Ohio and beyond.

To learn more about Michelle, visit her Bio page, her Press Kit page, and view her Schedule to see a full list of upcoming performances.


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